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Kyle Alexander Kuzma Biography

Kyle Alexander Kuzma Biography plays professional basketball for the Washington Wizards, a member of the National Basketball Association. He was a Utah Utes college basketball player and was named junior Pac-12 first-team All-Conference in 2016-17.Kyle Kuzma Networth, Biography. Age. Height. Weight. And many more details can all be found here. Kyle Kuzma has a net worth of $5 million. He is an emerging talent in the NBA. He plays currently for the Los Angeles Lakers. His name was Kyle Kuzma. He was a solid basketball player in his high school years. This is why he was awarded a scholarship to college.

Kyle Kuzma, born July 24, was the birth of his son. 1995. He was born and raised in Flint City, Michigan. As a child, he lived in a very poor area. He survived three shootings in the bad neighborhood. According to him, if it hadn’t been for the basketball, he would likely have died or been sent to jail. He was saved by basketball.
His college debut was a success. During his college basketball career, he scored an average of 30 point per game. He was a skilled shooter. He was drafted in the 2017 NBA Draft, and became a professional player. He was picked by the Brooklyn Nets at number 27. Within three hours, he was traded to Los Angeles Lakers.

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