Ellen Ochoa Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Family & More

Ellen Ochoa Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family & More

Ellen Ochoa Biography

Ellen Ochoa was birthed in Los Angeles, California on the 10th of May 1958. She is an American Astronaut and Engineer, as well as the Director of Johnson Space Center. Ellen Ochoa was the famous American Engineer and Astronaut. She was born to Joseph Ochoa and Rosanne Ochoa.

For her graduation, she attended Grossmont High School. She also received her bachelor’s degree in Physics from San Diego State University. For her master’s in science, she went to Stanford University. She also serves as the Johnson Space Center’s director.

Ellen Ochoa Career

Ellen Ochoa was a Stanford doctoral student and then a researcher at Sandia National Laboratories. She also worked at the NASA Ames Research Center on optical systems for automated space exploration. She applied her knowledge of optics to research on nuclear weapons at Sandia National Laboratories.

Ochoa was attracted to optical systems and committed herself to improving their applications for information processing. She wanted computers to “see”. NASA recognized that her optics techniques could be used to fabricate, such as checking for flaws. Or it could be used on a spacecraft such as the Rover.

For her graduation, she attended Grossmont High School. She also received her bachelor’s degree in Physics from San Diego State University. For her master’s in science, she went to Stanford University. She also serves as the Johnson Space Center’s director.

She was the Chief of Ames’ Intelligent Systems Technology Branch. She supervised 35 engineers, scientists and researchers in the development and research of aerospace-related computational systems. Ochoa has presented many papers at technical conferences as well as in scientific journals.

She is the leader of the 35-strong group of engineers that was part of the research and development team. In 1990, she was selected by NASA and earned the title of the first Hispanic female astronaut. Ochoa, a mission specialist and flight engineer was able to log more than 950 hours in space. Ochoa’s technical work includes robotics development and flight software development. She also assists in testing and training. As an assistant to Space Station, she also performed these tasks.

She was awarded the NASA Exceptional Service Medal in 1997. She was also awarded the Outstanding Leadership Medal in 1995, as well as Space Flight medals in 1993, 1994,1999, 2000. In 1992, she was awarded the Space Act Tech Brief Awards. These are the NASA awards. Other awards she received include the Women in Aerospace Outstanding Achievement Award and the Hispanic Heritage Leadership Award. She also received a pride award.


Real NameEllen Lauri Ochoa
Nick NameEllen Ochoa
ProfessionFormer director of Johnson space center
Age (As on 2022)64 years
Date of Birth10 May 1958
SpouseCoe Fulmer Miles
EducationStanford University
Parents Rosanne Ochoa, Joseph Ochoa
HometownLos Angeles, California, United States

She was a member the Discovery STS 96 crew that performed the first international space station docking in May 1999. The ISS was made up of two modules: the Russian Zarya (American Unity) and the American Unity (American Unity). Two cranes were also attached to the station exterior to be used in the construction of the remaining station. Tamara Jernigan (an astronaut) and Daniel Barry (an astronaut) installed the cranes in space. Ochoa helped them with the robotic arm of Discovery. Ochoa was on the STS -110 mission to the shuttle Atlantis in April 2002. Ochoa and astronaut Daniel Bursch used a robot arm on the station to lift the truss from Atlantis and attach it to the station. Ochoa spent over 40 days in space on her four spaceflights.

Ellen Ochoa: Lesser Known Facts

Ellen is multi-talented, well-rounded and had difficulty deciding which career path she wanted. Ellen grew up playing flute and believed she would be pursuing music as a major in college.

Ellen was inspired by her calculus classmates in high school to major in engineering and science, so she decided to pursue physics as a hobby.
Ellen’s decision to major in Physics was a turning point in her life. Ellen loved the mathematics of physics, and she wanted to use these skills to answer the questions of the universe.

Ellen’s perseverance and confidence led her to becoming NASA’s first Hispanic female spaceman. Ellen has been on four space missions as an astronaut. Ellen applied her engineering and physics knowledge to study various subjects, from the atmosphere to design of space stations.

“I am dedicated to space flight, human exploration and learning more. It is important to me, my country, and the entire world. I love the fact that it is bigger than me. Ellen says that Ellen enjoys being able contribute in this manner.

Ellen was an avid amateur ophthalmologist, had a few hobbies and was even licensed as a private pilot.

Ellen Ochoa Quotes

I will tell you, being involved in human space flight, it is an emotional endeavor. I think it brings in the highest highs and the lowest lows.

I tell that the students that the opportunities I had were a result of having a good educational background. Education is what allows you to stand out.

What everyone in the astronaut corps shares in common is not gender or ethnic background, but motivational perseverance, and desire – to participate in a voyage of discovery.

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